My Experiences of Treating Chronic Renal Failure Patients

Frankly speaking, I had no prior plan to write about treating patients suffering from chronic renal failure until one day all of a sudden one of my colleagues entered in the department, where I was sitting, he asked me to reveal my experiences for the same. Perhaps he was treating a patient suffering from chronic renal failure. Although, I used to think seriously about the fate of innumerable persons suffering from this ailment since long time. Persons like Lok Nayak Jay Prakash Narayan, former P.M. V.P. Singh, flamboyant politician Mr. Amar Singh and thespian Shammi Kapoor suffered from chronic renal failure and were put on dialysis for a long. Most of them have since died. I am keeping news paper clipping; The Tribune, Chandigarh, dated 1st Sept 2005, depicting a photograph of a group of patients from Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Haryana whose both kidneys got failed as a result of taking allopathic medicines for ailments like Indigestion to Diabetes mellitus type-2 (NIDDM) in the past. They all were on dialysis and waiting for renal transplant in near future, but presently sitting on a bench at PGIMER’s Hari Rai Sarai, Chandigarh with sullen faces.

I am now feeling compelled in giving the brief of the patients having suffered from kidney failure and treated with homoeopathic medicines as under:-

Mr. X, a young married person around 30 years old, was diagnosed as the patient suffering from chronic renal failure by AIIMS New Delhi. He was advised for kidney transplant, but was not put on dialysis yet. His mother was ready to donate her kidney. Perhaps he would have got his kidney transplant done by the doctors at AIIMS, had his B.P. come to normal despite all efforts to bring it to normal level. Therefore, the said process got delayed.

The patient was brought to me by his father-in-law in June 1988, who happened to be a resident of Chandigarh for homoeopathic treatment. While taking the case I found the history of suppression of some skin problem in the childhood. In the family history; father too had high blood pressure and the same history of suppressed skin ailment. The patient was of normal health and nothing found abnormal in him except high B.P. On the basis of suppressed skin ailment, he was given the antipsoric medicine, Sulphur 10M but of no use.

One day I talked about this patient to one colleague of mine, Dr. Alok Agnihotri, who suggested for giving Mezerium. This was verified from another senior doctor, Dr. J.B.D.Castro. The literature has a praise for Mezerium, when vital organs like the kidneys fail to perform normally owing to the suppression of skin ailment in childhood or afterwards. Mezerium 30 BD was given to the patient for some days and the result was found marvelous, as the B.P. touched to normal level. The patient there after consulted me for 1 or 2 times more and then stopped even to contact me on phone. Later on in 1992, I was visiting various schools of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula in order to dispose off booklets written on AIDS (A prescribed booklet on AIDS written and published by me). Per chance I came in contact with sister in law of the patient, who told me that the patient had not yet under gone kidney transplant.

Mr. Y, A young man of 22 years, who was doing B.A. He once went to a brothel and contracted STD: syphilis or gonorrhoea? Sometime after his sexual contact, the patient developed thorny condylomata all over the prepuce and glans penis. He consulted an allopath, who must had given him Penicillin injections along with other drugs and advised him for HIV test. He was found HIV positive by ELISA method, but Western blot never came positive at PGIMER Chandigarh.

The patient consulted me in February 1998. On the basis of his pathology, the patient was treated with antisyphilitic as well as antisycotic medicines one after another, since it was not clear whether the condylomata were syphilitic or gonorrheal origin. Nitric acid and Thuja in high potencies were the medicines given to the patient. The result was disappearance of the condylomatus growth from the said part. He was declared HIV negative by a private pathology lab.

The patient being the only son of his parents, now wanted him to marry. The girl was found in the area, where he was already known to be a case of HIV positive. In order of his being HIV negative status, the parents of the girl asked for HIV negative report from a government hospital. The patient was found still an HIV positive case in the hospital report. After sometime, there reappeared thorny condylomatus growth on the penis of the patient. He was once again given antisycotic and antisyphilitic medicines in highest potencies. The result was disappearance of the thorny growth from the genitalia. But the patient was still found HIV positive case despite having given antipsoric drug; Sulphur CM. This thing really puzzled me.

On further inspection of the patient, it was found that few tiny warty growths (verrucae) were present on the lower side of the abdomen. These in fact remained over looked by me in my earlier inspection. The growths were very small, flat and cauliflower like appearance. Psorinum CM was given to the patient, resulting reduction in the number of warty growth. However he was found HIV negative for one of the two HIVs.

Meanwhile the patient became a drug addict and started behaving a bit abnormal at times. He once visited with black goggles on his eyes, since the eyes were too red. Neither I asked him nor he told me about the cause of the redness of the eyes. In his next visit, the patient accompanied his cousin sister, who told me about his being a drug addict. She assured me that he would certainly withdraw from taking narcotic drugs. The patient had really withdrawn from taking drugs but meanwhile became a psychiatric patient. Some one from his side contacted me on phone and took my advice in this regard. I advised to consult a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist at Jaipur treated him but then he developed kidney failure.

The patient visited me along with his father for the treatment. On the basis of anamnesis, i.e. medicamentum abuse and presenting symptoms of albumin in the urine, the medicine came out to be Pulsatilla. It was given in all the potencies starting from 30 up to the highest in a period of 2-3 months. The result was no further kidney failure as the albumin had stopped coming in the urine. Now for his still being HIV positive case, he was given Psorinum CM in this visit made in 2009, but the patient did not report thereafter to let me know about his HIV status.

Miss Z, around 20 years. Once I was told by a patient of mine about a girl whose kidneys got failed after donating blood in a camp held in her college at Chandigarh. It was an astonishing news for me. I became curious to know about the fact. I asked the patient to bring her father, who happened to be an employee in the same office where the patient was working.

One day father of the girl visited my clinic. I told my intention in order to know the reality and advised him to come to my place so that I could go to his residence. On coming Sunday, I met the patient and asked the details (anamnesis). The father told that when the girl was young, she suffered from measles. Since the temperature was high for some days, he started giving her curd in order to bring down the temperature. This resulted in the suppression of the eruptions, which were to appear as koplick spots in the throat and the rash over the face and whole upper parts of the body.

Here I would like to add that in such cases of measles generally warm food or drinks like munnaca water is given to the children so that, the fever does not abate until the eruptions come out. I normally prescribe Arsenic album 30 frequent doses in such patients. Since the girl was given the cold food (curd) regularly till the temperature came to normal. It was therefore imperative to give Arsenic album as the medicine to the patient. She was put on 30th potency for some days. Here I would like to say that the family had already decided to go for the kidney transplant. The mother was willing to donate her kidney and was undergoing pre-operative tests. The girl too was undergoing various tests and had already been put on weekly dialysis. Despite all this, I was helping the patient by prescribing the homoeopathic medicine keeping in view the future complications and that too without any monitory benefit. The family however did not continue the treatment and even stopped contacting me.

Once, brother of the patient met me in the way while I was coming to my clinic. I enquired about the condition of his sister. He told me that her B.P. had come to normal level by homoeopathic medicine. This was an indication that medicine was working in a right direction. I asked him; was it necessary to go for kidney transplant? But the family was ignorant about the future complications. The father being working in a PSU (Markfed) Punjab, therefore the expenses incurred, would be borne by the office. The result was the transplant of the kidney, which after some years got rejected with many complications. Then again there was another transplant done. This time the father was the donar.

The girl was given the job by the office on the compassionate ground and she was yet not married despite many matrimonials owing to her being a kidney transplant case. Hope and pray for the success of her second transplant.

Baby Bhawna, 2 ½ year old, a diagnosed case of Nephrotic syndrome. Father of the child approached me in the OPD of the college hospital in the first week of June in 2011 for the treatment. While taking the history, father told that, when the child was 22 days old, she suffered from some kind of day today children problem. The child was taken to an allopath for the treatment. Thereafter, she started getting generalized swelling. Routine examination of the urine of the patient contained albumin up to +4, which on subsequent treatment went down to traces. The child was getting recurrent episodes of dropsical swelling along with the fever every month specially on waning moon despite regular allopathic treatment.

On the basis of presenting symptoms and the history of drug abuse, Sulphur came out to be the medicine and given in 30 potency single dose followed by placebo for a week. After a week the child was brought to OPD for the follow up. Although she seemed quite normal except her running of the watery thin nasal discharge. This was construed as a normal running of the nose and expected to go of its own with the passage of time, but it won’t be so. The child remained hospitalized for few days and then discharged. I also proceeded on summer vacation.

As said earlier, the child started getting episode of generalized swelling in the waning phase of the coming month. She was brought to the OPD where doctors on duty prescribed her Arsenic album and Nux vomica in 200 potency one after another in nearly 3 weeks time, but without any relief. She was brought to me by the father and I prescribed Sulphur 30 one dose but of no use. I repertorized the case and found Apis mellifica as the indicated medicine for the patient. She was given Apis 30 first every 2 hourly interval and thereafter 3-4 hourly. I am sorry to say that there appeared no appreciable relief, rather swelling increased. Although the patient was an IPD case but owing to inadvertent dereliction of the duty, the father of the child sought discharge and gone to the allopath for the treatment.

I now think, the patient had required Sulphur 200 which might have given her relief as Sulphur 30 proved as improper dose keeping in view her anamnesis.

Source by Prem Singh Rawat

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