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Photography is one of the most underrated skills to have in a startup. With practically unlimited applications, it should be one of your highest priorities. Many entrepreneurs end up relying on cheap options, or avoiding photography altogether in favor of graphic design.

Obviously, theinfrastructure and outlook of your business is important to solidify first, but once you start thinking about the branding, design, and marketing of your business, it’s time to make photography a higher focus.






Photography Applications

You might be wondering why photography is such a big deal to a startup, when the product should be so good it sells itself.

Consider these applications for photos within a startup:

  • Product displays. 
    Product marketing is a major point of business development for most startups; if you have something tangible to sell, whether it’s a tech device or a new food product, you’ll need to be able to showcase that product effectively. Otherwise, people may not be able to accurately visualize your product, or understand how it’s meant to be used. Graphic depictions of a product will only take you so far, and a photo with an unflattering angle or misleading depiction could deter people from buying your product altogether. You’ll need photos not only for your onsite product pages, but also for your marketing materials, including your ads and offline channels.
  • Site design and blog content. 
    You’ll also need to use photos for your website—especially if you’re hoping to make a strong visual impression with people. Include photos of your product, photos related to your industry expertise, and even photos of your workspace. It is important to give people the right impression and improve the aesthetic sensibilities of your site. You may also wish to use photos in combination with your blog content, giving people a multimedia experience and capturing their full attention.
  • Team photos and personal brands. 
    Startups often rely on the charisma and personality of their founding members to generate traction. Accordingly, you’ll need high-quality team photos if you want to increase the personal feel of your brand. These will be used not only for team and bio pages, but also as the first step in developing a personal brand. With a professional headshot, it will be much easier for your leaders and salespeople to get noticed, whether on social media or guest publishing on other sites.
  • Event photos. 
    Is your startup throwing a kickoff event in the near future, or do you plan on throwing a client appreciation party? If so, you’ll need a photographer at your event to capture individual moments and, eventually, professionally display them. Event photos will be critically important if you plan on submitting a press release or otherwise highlighting the event’s success.
  • Social media. 
    Social media is one of the best ways to drive interest in your site and attract new visitors, but you need to have the right content published regularly. You can write up individual posts or publish links to some of your best blog content, but if you want to stand out on your followers’ news feeds, you’ll need more striking visual content to accomplish it. Good photography can help you attract more followers, and entice more engagements from the followers you already have.

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