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Millennials Are Mobile – Is Your Church?

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In the era of mobile technology, most churches are now realizing the importance of mobile and online giving to collect funds. How can ministries use technology to get Americans to give more?

Why should your church consider having the church app?

It helps nonprofits to keep and reach millennials to support their cause. Younger generations are different and have more willing to give. Millennials are the largest generation of the country and the future of your church. If you want to attract more millions to raise money for your social cause, you must focus on offering mobile giving app or text to them. It enables them to give securely from anywhere at any time within less than 3 sec. Egypt just one tap.

Find out how you can better connect with the millennials in your church or faith-based organization.

Make your website and donation pages mobile responsive

According to Salesforce and CMO Council, 87% of millennials keep their smartphones nearby at all times.

53% of emails are read on smartphones and 65% of social media users access sites on their mobiles and tablets. Younger generations differ from older generations, as they are more more on the modern technology for just about anything. They spend more of their time on their smartphones. To cater the needs of mobile audience, nonprofits must focus on making their presence in the mobile world. You will have more opportunities to spread your words and promote your charity for cause.

Offer digital giving solutions

Digital donations are a preferred method to give. How will your church get the millennials to give for your cause? When it comes to the next generations and their money, it is important to offer more digital giving options to them such as mobile giving app, giving via text, or website giving. If your nonprofit does not create digital opportunities, millennials will not give.

The Church App

Add a giving app to your digital giving options. Your nonprofit may already have a responsive website. But, do you have a mobile web presence? Having a mobile-friendly website is not enough for the organizations, especially when they are trying to attract next generation. You need to focus more on the church app to stay connected to the mobile world.

Make your digital strategy in a way that can move your visitors to your mobile app. By offering the quick and easy giving using the church app, you will be able to transform your audience into potential donors.

Enhance your Social Media presence

It does not matter how big your church. You must be active on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform. These Social media platforms help your faith-based organizations to enhance their online presence and reach millennials or even younger.

The social networks are the most powerful communication tools, needed to engage, keep, and reach people. The more you engage with your audience online, the more connected they'll feel to your organization.

Make the changes in your church's digital giving strategy and take your church to the next level.

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