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Scholarships and College Grants For Future Actors

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It is not surprising that many people want to be a star in film, TV, and theatre. Acting is perhaps the most glittering profession in the world. But such profession will need certain amount of skills, confidence, and, yes, education. But acting schools can be expensive. Good thing though, there are several universities and acting schools that have created academic programs and college tuition grants for aspiring actors.

The Encino, California-based Irene Ryan Foundation offers acting scholarships and tuition grants to outstanding student performers who have shared their wares in various acting festivals. Created in the 1972 in tribute the late Irene Ryan, better known as ‘Granny Clampett’ in The Beverly Hillbillies, the Irene Ryan scholarship is worth $500 and is awarded yearly to student actors who are involved in both Participating and Associate productions.

The Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Arts is also one of the most prolific organizations when it comes to theatre and film scholarships. Students who are enrolled in acting and filmmaking majors and those who are interested in pursuing a career in the performance arts are welcomed to apply. There are various scholarships, divided into categories such as acting, vocal and musical theater.

The Purdue University is one of the high-profile universities that offer scholarships to acting majors. Among their scholarships and college tuition grants include the Theatre Merit Award for freshmen enrolled in a theatre major; the Joe Stockdale/Ross Smith Scholarship, which also dedicated to first-year theatre majors; and the R.B. Stewart Scholarship, which is reserved for theatre students who have a GPA of 2.5 and 3.5 in theatre class.

If acting is your way of life and where you passion stems from, then you better apply for these scholarships and grants. You can check other campuses and acting groups and see if they offer acting scholarships.


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