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Get Desired MP3 Ringtones on Your Mobile

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Ring tone had a simple function to alert mobile users of incoming calls. But now it is a matter of choice, style, uniqueness and latest mobile ring tones have become a fashion. Advent of mobiles changed the fashion of talking. Earlier there were old telephones which were stationed at one place. People could not carry it with themselves. Mobiles set the phrase walk while talk into reality. Mobile made communication comfortable and people can call anywhere, anytime from any place. Since mobile came into market, it has gone through a lot of modifications. Mobiles are now equipped with various modern technologies. Cameras, Video cameras, mp3 players, Chat messengers, internet facility, messages, polyphonic tone are available on most of mobiles.

Ring tone is a feature of a mobile which has also gone through various modifications. Earlier these were monophonic, now it becomes polyphonic. Monophonic means it has a single music where as polyphonic have much music synchronized together. The first ring tone was created and used in Finland in year 1998. Any old user of mobiles can remember it by Nokia (the biggest and the earliest phone manufacture). It was in text format and could be sent to other mobiles by simple text messages. There was also a composer by which a user can create ring tone of his choice while other mobile manufacturer had their format. In addition to the polyphonic, now MP3 is also available which turn to be even more popular.

It may sometime happen that certain mp3 ring tones are not compatible to your mobiles so you should check if your phone carries this feature or not. You can easily download MP3 compatible for your mobile from various sites. You should download these ring tones from trusted sites only or else your mobile will be infected with harmful viruses, Trojans and spy-wares. Most of the mobiles today has internet connection and can easily download free mp3 on their mobiles. Bluetooth facility also makes it easy to share with your friends. You can also store different kind of MP3 for different occasions. Suppose you download a song for your parents, it’s okay when you are at home. But you can’t please your girlfriend with the same song. So, you must download another song to make your girlfriend happy.


Source by Khateya Lee

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