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Bumps on Corners of Your Mouth are Often Angular Chelitis


Bumps in the corner of the mouth, or dry flaky skin that splits painfully could be a sign you have Angular Chelitis or Perleche. If you have suffered with chapped lips, you may have Angular Chelitis if the condition is centering around the corner of each lip. Typically both sides are affected.

Angular Chelitis is not contagious, so you are free to kiss others without fear of spreading the affliction. However finding someone to kiss may be another matter. The raw, red legions with a whitish hue at the corners of the mouth can put off your most ardent admirer. Most sufferers lose the desire to kiss others during an attack and missing out on affection is a circumstantial side affect of the disease.

Angular Chelitis often is accompanied by a yeast infection of the mouth. Candida or oral thrush infects the tongue, coating it with a whitish hue. This fungal bacteria is infectious and contagious. Currently the most often prescribed treatment for Angular Chelitis is 1% hydro cortisone. However, often 1% hydro cortisone is extremely ineffectual and sufferers tend to give up on controlling their symptoms and curing the infection.. Many people simply live with the condition, waiting out there symptoms, which can go away on their own.

Millions of Americans suffer this affliction every year and typically a sufferer gets it several times a year with a significant proportion living with the legions at their mouth on an almost permanent basis. This painful and socially debilitating disease is very common and not life threatening, however the majority of sufferers would do almost anything to ease the symptoms and cure the infection once and for all.


Source by Terry Hart

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