Warning – Spyware Detected on Your Computer

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This is the most frequent warning message that we observe while browsing internet. Even the majority of the PC magazines point that 90% of the internet connected PC’s are infected with spyware. Did you ever analyze why does this occur only when you are online?

Personally, I’ve observed many PC owners asking… I didn’t install but how they have entered into my PC. It really puzzles every one of us. But the actual reason behind this warning – spyware detected on your computer is not a short one.

There may be several reasons for this warning message, but the most prominent one is due to free downloads. It may be any free download – a file or media or music or photo etc. You may knowingly or unknowingly download software; this could be the way for the spyware attack. One thing is for sure, the warning spyware detected on your computer is mostly observed while browsing internet.

Most of us get tempted with the word “FREE”, and download everything (music, movies, photos, software etc) without reading the end user license agreements. Moreover the file sharing P2P networks result in spyware infection. So you should avoid totally free downloadable products unless you are very sure of its reputation.

These days the advertising has gone to such an extent that the agencies are just faking the products. While you are busy with online activities, suddenly a pop-up security message comes on the screen: Warning – Spyware Detected On Your Computer. With some fear in mind, you immediately click it and download that free anti spyware. In fact, the software advertisers have just misguided you to buy that particular product. In reality, they are rogue anti spyware products.

When you install a rogue anti spyware software on your desktop, you have given the access to the spyware. They just pass your personal information (passwords, bank account details, credit card info etc) to the third party advertisers and take advantage of it.

Recently, the advertisers have adopted a novel method to infect your PC with spyware. Email advertising with claims like free Viagra and costly watches to attract the visitors. The only thing that you can do is just stay away from such nasty advertisements. Do not be fooled with such free and fake items. When you click that download link, you get the message: Warning – Spyware Detected On Your Computer.

The only remedial solution to put a full stop to such warning messages is to download anti spyware software. Download only from reputed sites, otherwise, you will again end up installing rogue anti spyware software. It would be better to have a look at review sites on Free Anti Spyware download software that give unbiased information.

Remember that the reviewed software programs are the best in the industry and offer free download. Pay only when you are satisfied with the performance of the particular anti spyware software. Moreover, the Best Anti Spyware software vendors offer a 100% money back guarantee. So you do not have anything to lose. No more warning – spyware detected on your computer.


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